Commercial Truck

You cannot afford to have your trucks down. Freight demands are higher than ever and you need a partner to keep you moving. Let our staff help outfit your truck with the right tire for the job. We offer a variety of brands and price points to meet your needs.

Available Sizes Include:

22.5” WB315/80R22.5385/65R22.5425/65R22.5445/50R22.5445/65R22.5

Understanding Commercial Truck Tire Positions

Steer Tires

Steer tires are considered by most to be the most important position on a commercial truck. Sometimes these tires are referred to as all-position tires because they are designed for the steer axle, but also perform well on the drive and trailer axles. Generally, these tires have a linear rib pattern that promotes low rolling resistance, even wear, and a smooth ride. Steer tires are a major factor in handling, ride quality, and fuel efficiency for any commercial truck. This is true of line haul, regional, and wide base tires.

Drive Tires

Drive tires are vital to keeping your truck rolling down the road. They bring the power to the ground, and choosing the right type is very important to the overall performance of your truck. We can help you choose between open and closed shoulder, as well as shallow or deep tread to help balance your needs for traction, fuel economy, and mileage. Different lug patterns may help reduce rolling resistance, or help perform in off road or wintry conditions.

Trailer Tires

Every trailer configuration and purpose has a specific need. Maybe you have a dry van rolling down the interstate, or a spread axle flatbed doing regional hauls, or a specialized trailer for construction components – each situation has a different solution. For some it is an ultra-wide base tire to maximize fuel efficiency and load capacity, while others require a tire that can withstand scrubbing to navigate tight areas. These tread designs are normally a linear rib design, with various tread depths based on the intended use.