When it comes to safety, your brakes are one of the most important components on your vehicle. Let our trained staff inspect and perform professional service to keep you and your family safe in variable conditions.

Warning Signs & Common Symptoms

  • Squealing or Squeaking Sounds
  • Grinding while applying brakes (sometimes without applying brakes)
  • Shaking or pulsating while applying brakes
  • Spongy brake pedal
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while applying brakes

Brake Systems and Components

Most passenger vehicles today are equipped with a disc brake system. This system relies on brake fluid pressure to move a piston in your caliper. The caliper contains your brake pads which squeeze against the brake rotor and allow your vehicle to stop.

The other main type of brake system is drum brakes. Drum brakes function by using brake fluid pressure to expand brake shoes against the brake drum. The drum houses the hardware, wheel cylinder and brake shoes that provide the friction needed to stop your vehicle.