Specialty Trailer

Everyone has a trailer, right? It may be a utility trailer, towable camper, boat, hydraulic dump trailer or maybe all of them! Each of these applications has a tire that’s right.

In addition to trailer tires, we can help you with replacement wheels or upgrade the look of your trailer with stylish aluminum wheels. Click here to go to our trailer wheels page.

Questions to ask when choosing a trailer tire:

• How frequently are you using the trailer?
• How far do you plan to travel?
• What speeds are you traveling at?
• What are the weight capacity requirements?

Bias Boat Trailer Tire Narrow
Bias Boat TrailerSizeLR/ PRLoad CapacityMax PSISpeed Rating
4.80-8C/674590M (81 mph)
5.70-8C/691075M (81 mph)
4.80-12C/699090M (81 mph)
5.30-12C/6104580M (81 mph)
Bias Boat Trailer Tire Wide
Bias Boat TrailerSizeLR/ PRLoad CapacityMax PSISpeed Rating
16.5x6.50-8C/679570M (81 mph)
18.5x8.50-8C/694050M (81 mph)
20.5x8.00-10F/121670105M (81 mph)
Radial Trail HD
Radial Trail HDSizeLR/ PRLoad CapacityMax PSISpeed Rating
ST175/80R13D/8157065M (81 mph)
ST185/80R13D/8171065M (81 mph)
ST205/75R14D/8204065M (81 mph)
ST215/75R14C/6187050M (81 mph)
ST205/75R15D/8215065M (81 mph)
ST225/75R15E/10283080M (81 mph)
ST235/80R16E/103520-S/3080-D80L (75 mph)
ST235/85R16F/123960-S/3520-D95L (75 mph)
Triangle TR653
TR653SizeLR/ PRLoad CapacityMax PSISpeed Rating
ST175/80R13C/6136050L (75 mph)
ST205/75R14C/6176050L (75 mph)
ST215/75R14C/6187050L (75 mph)
ST205/75R15D/8215065L (75 mph)
ST225/75R15E/10283080L (75 mph)
ST235/80R16E/103420-S/ 3000-D80L (75 mph)
ST235/85R16F/123960-S/3520-D95L (75 mph)
All Steel Trailer Tire
All-Steel TrailerSizeLR/ PRLoad CapacityMax PSISpeed Rating
ST225/75R1512319595M (81 mph)
ST235/80R16144079-S/ 3638-D105L (75 mph)
ST235/85R16144400-S/ 3860-D95L (75 mph)